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Good CSR Service

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I called DTV this morning to cancel the HD Extra Pack. The CSR was one of the most courteous CSR's that I've dealt with, not only with DTV, but with other services that I receive. Not only did she cancel the extra pack for me, she asked, "Would you like to receive Showtime for free for 3 months?" "Sure, why not!"

I then asked to be transferred to tech support because I've been having issues with my DVR (HR24-100) . The problems are slow channel changing, missed recordings, and some recordings end up pixelated.

He ran through some tests with me, all tests that I've run before for these issues. When all was said and done, we didn't find anything wrong. But, he did put in his notes that we did do these tests, and if the issues arise again, call and a replacement DVR will be sent out.

Both, the CSR and tech support guy were very courteous and professional.
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pistolpete52 said:
My signal strengths are:

1-8 99 97 99 0 98 100 98 100
9-16 98 100 100 40 99 100 98 100
17-24 98 0 99 100 99 100 99 100
25-32 99 0 98 100 99 100 98 100

Seems like they're pretty good.
Looks good on that particular satellite, but what about the 99 & 103? Also make sure you are checking Tuner 1 & 2.
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