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OK, I am posting this as a follow up to my HD upgrade story found here


But maybe this thread can be a place for stories of completed disaster installs or great techs that come and "save" the day.

When Cory (Aerosat Tech) first arrived he walked down the drive asking which room did the receiver need changing? Then I said he need to look at my dish first. Then he tells me that my order was for a receiver upgrade only. I was beginning to get unhappy ( internally), but asked him if he had a dish. He did fortunately for me and started to put it together as I stood there talking to him. I told him of this site and dishpointer.com, I even had my laptop in the drive listening to streaming audio and showed him my house on dishpointer.com

He said he put another dish up this week that was missing 119, just like mine and he was surprised how the customer was getting everything. He didn't know that things were being shifted off of 119. He told me nobody tells them anything like that. :nono2:

I had my ladder there for him to use, there were no cables to run. He mounted the dish on the roof with both monopole braces. Then inside I pulled out my old receiver from the entertainment unit, then we sort of both hooked up the tv to the new receiver. I had my HDMI to DVI cable to hook up our older Samsung 50"DLP TV. He hooked up an audio cable I showed him but we didn't test that and it turned out to be the wrong one. But that is all my older complicated hook up. I corrected that later.

He tested a few channels and I have 99, 101, 110, he says 103 is not there yet showing failed on the satellite search, but I am happy we are getting loads of HD now. And more to come in 2 weeks it looks like from reading on this board. So after several missed appointments and being told I could not receive the new satellites because of trees (only 119 blocked) I now have lots of new HD to watch and my wife is even happy about it. She has been mentioning "FIOS" to me for a year now since we have Fios internet in the house. But I held out because of the Sunday Ticket ....................GO SAINTS!!!!!!! SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR BABY!!!!!!

So that is my Happy Ending! or Great Tech story let's hear some more

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I am glad to hear that you had a good install. This is my second time with D and I had a good install. The tech knew what he was doing and I also told him about this forum. He said he wouldn't even try an install if he couldn't get 100% with his meter. Once he hooked up the HD DVR there was absolutely no problems with any sats. He didn't even have to fine tune the dish. The numbers were great.
I have been fortunate with both E and D installers.
Csr' s are another matter but I wont get into that!:)
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