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Google Chrome/DBSTalk Issues

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Apparently the Google chrome browser doesn't fully support the VBulletin software used for DBStalk. It's now my primary browser, and I've noticed the following issues in everyday use:

  1. Can't attach files to messages
  2. No ability to switch "editor mode" under "advanced" posting
  3. No spell check available when posting
  4. No "Quick Links" menu option in the toolbar

Can anyone add to these? And does anyone know if these are Google's issues to address? Or VBulletin's?

TIA. /steve
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The quick links menu at the top does not even appear (as well as a couple more discrepensies in this menu).
Going to "First Unread" in a thread does not always work.

Hitting "Refresh" in a thread with continuous posts does not bring you up at the end of the thread (This really doesn't apply to DBSTalk, because the velocity of posting is low, but is really annoying on the VBulletin baseball gameday forum I frequent that has as many as 1800 posts in a three to four hour game.)

There are also frequent problems with on-line order forms and catalogs, but these are not related to VBulletin. I still like Chrome for light surfing and search due to speed and layout, but it can't be my only browser, yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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