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Gosh - you guys keep you dishes' so clean!

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Mine lives in the shadow of a white oak and ends up looking like this after just 1 year. :rolleyes:


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I didn't have to look to tell you lived somewhere in Metro Atlanta... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Could be worse... Pine Sap...

Mine is on a post at ground level... easy to keep clean and on those very rare occaissions snow and ice free... but with those magnificent trees, I doubt you could be much closer to the ground.
I dab on some spf4 here in sunny so cal. Stays nice and tan all year round
I go out and wax + polish mine daily... :p
I put mine in the dishwasher every day.:lol:
Good thing the dish does not need to point in the opposite direction! :eek:
Mine's faded from the sun but otherwise, pretty clean.
Mine looks like Bird Poop central.:eek2:

Need Directv to come out with a camo black&white dish.;) :D :lol:
tkrandall said:
another view
Of your poor wiring ? :lol:
It's amazing you get any sat with all those trees. It's like a rainforrest over there.

Mertzen said:
Of your poor wiring ? :lol:
I know, I should tidy it up, but it works fine. It's how the installer ran them in 2003.

Multiswitch is located just out of view at the porch roof level where the lines go off the porch roof and before they go up the house roof. Two other lines head down the wall from the switch to ground rod and then to the basement. 6 total (3 DVRs)
PressureContent said:
Do they go into the gutter?
They go into the attic by drilling through the facia just above the gutter line, but under the shingles.
tkrandall said:
I know, I should tidy it up, but it works fine. It's how the installer ran them in 2003.
You should or face a ban :lol:
Good grief – I’m surprised you get LOS through all those trees!
tell me about it.

My avatar makes it look worse, as the oak limbs/leaves you see above the dish are as viewed from the ground, not from the dish itself. (the avatar photo was taken when the sun was in the 101w position last October and directly behind the dish. I actually have pretty good LOS to 99/101/103. 110 (and 119) get into the distant oak tree you see peering above the roof line to the right of the dish.

See the attached photos which give you a rough idea of the dish's view of 101 and 101/110/119 (red dots). I used to have a nice gap for 119, and shot over for 110.


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No problems with mine. I don't think there's a tree over 20 feet tall within 200 miles of my house.
Nope. No shade is Texas. Just radiant heat coming off the ground at 11pm at night in August....been there, done that.
Not everyone keeps it clean. There was a thred a while back with some impressive stuff. Mine, for example, had a birds nest.
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