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Grand Theft Auto:Vice City

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Damn this looks good! I think we have the "must buy" game of the fall!


Looks like they got the 80's down perfectly!
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I'm jealous, I want it :)
I keep wanting to head out and pickup Quantum Redshift for the X-Box to feed my Wipeout fixations.

Looks like lots and lots of consumer demand and hype for this one. 642 customer previews already. Can't remember this much frenzy over a future release in quite some time.

I heard the other day that Ray Liotta provided his voice for the main character (Tommy) and that you can beat people up with screwdrivers, chainsaws, machetes, and M60's.
Hows GTA2 comparered to the rest? I saw GTA2 of PC at WalMart for $10. I almost picked it up.
From what I remember, it would probably be worth it at ten bucks, but not much more. I think that one was a top down presentation style where you have a "god" perspective looking down from the clouds at cars on the streets below. Still a good game that shouldn't tax an average PC, but nowhere near as involving as 3 by any means.
At work we maxed out our preorder of 200. We have had alot of mad people leave the store when they found that out.

I had a copy on preorder, but I dropped it when I saw "True Crime: The Streets of LA" for Xbox. Just look's like a better game to me, but don't tell that to the PS2 fanboy's I work with. They'll kill me.

EDIT: Yeah for $10 for GTA2 isn't a bad deal. I don't remember alot about it either. I think at work it was going for $18 used on the Dreamcast. At that price it's.
Well while I am more excited about GTA:Vice City, I am looking at True Crime and Halo 2 to same my investment in my XBox. I'm getting close to selling it, but True Crime looks like a keeper.
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