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KoRn said:
Woo hoo! Finally after 5 years since I moved here. We now have all locals in HD from Directv. :grin:
Medford-Klamath Falls, OR DMA HD Locals went live on 6/20/2012.
Something else new??

Doctor j

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This is weird. Our local channels Fox, CW and MyNetworkTV are no longer in HD? Seems like Directv turned them off or something as they have been in HD. So not all locals are in HD just yet. Test run before they turn them on permanently?


Went to Directv website and checked what local HD channels are available. Fox, CW and MNT are not listed? Like I said. Fox and CW was on for sure the other day in HD. MNT I said was. But, cant remember 100%.
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