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Location: Central, KY.
Installer: Directech
Time: 8 - 12.

My installer who was a super nice guy arrived at 11, assessed the situation and within 5 minutes was getting ready to dig the hole for the pole mount.

I setup the receivers while he was outside, and had everything ready.

2 Hours later from the start he was inside trying to active the receivers. The only hiccup all day was totally out of his control.

I instructed him to not run the extra line to my HD-DVR, I have already ordered a smw8.

So he went to verify that everything was correct, and the people who assigned to make sure I'm not getting ripped off where not having any of it. I had to tell three different techs that yes I instructed him not to run the second line, and I knew I could only record / watch one show at the moment.

HOUR & 15 minutes later they finally granted him the waiver, and he was able to get out of here.

NFL Network HD *drools* I'm super excited and have been flipping channels for an hour just in aww at all the HD goodness.

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glad your install went well. now after all the "freebies" you got, enjoy your 115 dollar monthly bill after 5 months....and i dont know if va. charges tax on satellite bills, if they do itll be another 6...of course your payment would go down further if you dropped premiere, which i personally feel is a ripoff. NBA HD, sports pack, and movie channels arent worth another 46 dollars.. (HD DVR+pack 73, premiere pack 119 (after dvr and hd fees added)
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