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Great Install Experiance at Vacation Home

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Just wanted to pass along an outstanding install experience I had at our vacation home in Kentucky. About a year ago, we inherited a 140 year old family home outside of Lexington Ky. The home is historically significant, but had TWC cable installed about 10 years ago (if you can call that work an installation). I called D* up last month and setup an install for "seasonal home" which allows us to switch our service to that house while we are there.

The installer that came out was Matt. He actually grew up in the area and was familiar with the house from his childhood. He surveyed the house and suggested a stand alone pole, then ran all of the cabling under the house in the crawl spaces, unlike TWC who drilled holes in walls all over to run the lines. Matt took his time and did an outstanding installation. I've been with D* for close to 16 years now and have never had an installer as considerate as he was.
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