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great movers connection install & a question

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In short, the installer showed up at 10:30am this past Sunday for a 8-12 appt, installed the dish on the fascia of our townhouse (no roof mounts allowed and a few other HOA restrictions), and ran a line very neatly around the corner of our home to the living room wall. The exterior wall of the living room is over a set of stairs, so my wife and I held up a ladder while he nailed the RG6 neatly around our white framed window. All of this within an hour or so :). I gave him a $30 tip, I hope that was enough.

Anyways, my question is if the mount is secure. I'll try to post pics later. The mount is screwed through the fascia and into the joist? under the eave. Monopoles are screwed onto the fascia as well. In the pic below from solidsignal the red arrow is where the screws are located (through the fascia and through the wood under the eave).


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That's an "undereave" mount, and in my area, they are almost required on most new-construction homes, as the walls are styrofoam-stucco, roofs are cement tile, and houses are too close together for pole mounts. As long as you have the two support arms in place, you should have no problem.*

*I'll mention one exception: DirecTV wanted to supply similar mounts to techs for free, because they didn't want techs charging money for these custom mounts (which techs have to buy). So, they bought some cheap copies. Well, the low price came at a price: low quality metal and low quality welds. When a big storm came through, a bunch of the mounts failed. Now, DirecTV doesn't want undereave mounts to be used. Never will they admit that the problem was the junky examples that they bought, as opposed to the design in general.

My company has installed over 300 of these mounts and never had a single problem, but the ones we buy are made locally from good materials, and they cost more. No surprise: you get what you pay for.
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I bet you those cheap mounts that fail didnt have monopoles. Bad techs, now everybody has to suffer.
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