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AntAltMike said:

The third and info on green splitter loss characteristics. Yesterday, I attended a seminar on installing the DRE2 system in hotels, and was was hoping to find something regarding the technical "wizardry" that gets green 4-way splitters output port isolation values of typically 14dB, versus the more typical -25dB published isolation value of common cable TV splitters.
Here's the specs from SolidSignal:
8-way Wide Band Satellite Splitter, One Port DC Path

Satellite input frequency range 2 - 2150 MHz
Insertion loss 18 max dB
Isolation internal 20 @ 950 - 2150 MHz, 4 @ 2 - 30 MHz dB
EMI > 75 dB
Operating temperature range -34 ~ +60 (-30 ~ +140) C°(F°)

I suppose the isolation is less to allow for MoCA communication between the receivers connected to the ports on the green splitters. I think the frequencies used for MoCA are 5-40mhz, and there is more isolation at higher frequencies, since they are required to work up to almost 2000mhz to carry the 9 bands of data from the SWM unit to the receivers.
Mike: was the training for Phase1 or Phase2 ?
I'm just about to close on several DRE projects and now I have to go to Little Rock to take the Phase2 training before I can continue.
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