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boatlover said:
I have a question about splitters.

I am going to be upgrading my system to SWM, whole home w/cck. My family room is pre wired (rg6) with 4 outlets around the room to make furniture arrangement easy.
These outlets are Daisy chained together using 1 output of the splitter to feed the wall plate and the other output to the next splitter/wall plates. The spacing between outlets is about 8 ft. Only 1 receiver will be used in this room. This has worked well with my old Dtivo as the wife can move the furniture and there are not cables all over the place.

If I use the green label splitters will this continue to work with a SWM setup?

Thanks Dave
You do not want to daisy chain through 4 splitters to do 1 tv. VOS will tell you the loss on that but it will be substantial. get barrels. whatever outlets you are not using take them apart and just join the 2 cables together. wrench tighten them. then your signal loss will be minimal. If you move TV again you just need to take the wallplate apart at that time n undo barrel n hook it up to that wallplate
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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