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Grounding Recommendations

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I have a Slimline installation scheduled in 3 weeks. I currently have one of the 18" SD dishes that I installed ~10 years ago. The dish location (both new and old) are located ~80' from the house service panel/ground.

I installed a grounding rod next to my current dish and grounded the dish and grounding block to this grounding rod. The dish is located 6" from the side of the house. I have a raised floor foundation and have copper water pipes (cold water pipe is grounded to service ground).

After reading through all the grounding topics, it seems that I have a floating ground and I am wondering if I should connect to my cold water pipe in some form. Running a ground to the service panel is not possible because of the terrain around the house.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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reubenray said:
I just installed the new dish and was going to ground it when my wife noticed how the wire was going to run. It was going to run across under my soffit and then turn down to my copper water lines. The total length of wire would be around 30' running it this way.

So now I figured I would just buy another ground rod and put it directly below the dish itself. Then run the wire straight down. But after reading this thread will this work? The total length of wire doing it this way will be around 10'.
1. if the ground rod is the correct length and etc, it will work.
2. It will, however violate the electric code, unless the new ground rod is connected via copper wire to the ground rod connected to the electric system
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