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Grounding Recommendations

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I have a Slimline installation scheduled in 3 weeks. I currently have one of the 18" SD dishes that I installed ~10 years ago. The dish location (both new and old) are located ~80' from the house service panel/ground.

I installed a grounding rod next to my current dish and grounded the dish and grounding block to this grounding rod. The dish is located 6" from the side of the house. I have a raised floor foundation and have copper water pipes (cold water pipe is grounded to service ground).

After reading through all the grounding topics, it seems that I have a floating ground and I am wondering if I should connect to my cold water pipe in some form. Running a ground to the service panel is not possible because of the terrain around the house.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Thanks....Based on my situation and your links , I take it that it would be best to ground the satellite dish grounding rod and grounding block to my cold water pipe?

One other question: My grounding block is currently mounted to a floor support beam under the house within 6" of the exterior of the house. I had done this to protect the grounding block and connectors from the elements. Is there a problem with doing this?

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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