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Grounding Slimline Install

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So after 3 months of my initial install, I have noticed that none of the 4 lines from the dish are grounded. I only have 4 tuners right now, so they go straight to the IRD's, pretty crappy.

I had Dish Previously and they had the lines grounded at a multi-switch, better than nothing.

Anyways, I just won a Zinwell WB68 switch on eBay for $14 shipped! I was curious if I can ground all the lines off the mutliswitch, or do I need 4 separate grounding blocks first? Any help is appreciated!

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You don't need the ground block. Just run the messenger line from the dish to the 6x8, and a 10 gauge ground wire from the 6x8 to your ground source.
The four cables are required to be grounded within a couple feet of their entrance to the dwelling. Ground blocks are used because often you don't want to place the multiswitch at that location.

If the lines are not grounded, only the fire department, your local building inspector, and your homeowners insurance claim agent would care.

If they are not grounded, call D* and complain. They'll fix it.
Hope you're still within 90 days. If so D* should come out and fix it for free. Just make sure they run the #17 from the ODU to the ground block.

Though it is possible to ground of the switch it is better to put a ground block in.
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