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Guide and Scheduling Issues

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Sorry to be such a pain today but I have two questions....Just has to HR21s installed today.

First problem is on my local channels not all of the listings (titles) are loading into the guide. When I compare between the two there is a big difference. For example on Monday night on one box all of the local channels don't have any listings. On the other box about 75% of the same channels have titles. Is there a way to reload the guide on box?

Second problem....I am leaving TiVo after 11 years. This receiver doesn't seem to hard to figure out but when I try to record a series and only do first runs it records the first episode coming on (new or not) and then doesn't put the R next to the new ones coming on later in the week. Any suggestions on this one?

Greatly appreciate all your help. Figured I would get better help here then calling DirecTV's tech support.
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Michael D'Angelo;1687399 said:
1) The guide takes up to 24 hours to load completely. If for some reason the one does not start loading reboot it and it should start to load.

2) When setting up a series link it will set the episode you selected to set it to record no matter what.

As for the other episodes it will take about 4 hours to set the other ones up to record.
Once again Michael to the rescue...Thank you.

Guess I will wait on setting up my pages of shows because if it is not in the guide it will not find it during the search. Saved me tons of time.
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