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Guide issues

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I have a situation where one of friends had a h24 that did not take the download for the new HD guide. It would search for new software at 6 am every morning for about an hour or so. Then it would just stop and the customer would regain use of the receiver. They have a swim setup. My technician took the box home where he has a legacy setup and the box took the download on fist pass. I told him to use it for a day and see if there were any issues. None were experienced. However, my tech hooked up his AM-21 receiver and did a scan so he could watch off air programming which was the current set up at his house with am H21 I believe.

Here is the problem: We cannot clear the guide of the .1, .2 and so on off air channels from the guide. I tried front panel and hard resets. I tried going thru the satellite setup to no avail. Does anyone have a solution for this problem. I would not have an issue with it but my customer does. I've tried Directv and they had me do basically what I just explained above. Thanks in advance.
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