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Guide Not Updating

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Last night I noticed that my HR21 in the bedroom missed some recordings. The History said the recordings were canceled by the user. I did not cancel them. I decided to delete them from the Prioritizer and readd add them. I deleted every series, then went I went back they were there. All of the shows, which are current shows, said there were no upcoming episodes, even though you can look at the guide and see new episodes this week. They did not have the (R) next to them. For reference, the shows were Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser (they are not for me).

So I ended up doing a complete reset to factory settings. Then late last night early this morning, I had the unit freeze, the same thing everyone else went through. I got home from work and had to do another reset. That was done at 6:45 pm EST. It is now 8:35 and the Program Guide is only current until tomorrow at 7:00 pm EST. Everything beyond that time says To Be Announced or Upcoming: (Name of Show).

How long does the program guide take to upload? The HR21 in my living room is fine and has a Program Guide that is current and up to date for 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance.
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someone suggested to me to RBR twice in 30 minutes or less and that should fix it.
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