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guide population with gaps

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Installed a new HR21-100 yesterday. 24 hours later guide is not completed for 2 weeks out. In fact ,3 days out has missing shows in the guide. It has a show at 8,nothing at 9 and then a show at 10. Has anyone else seen this? I was told to give it more time.I think I have a bad receiver. Guide has gaps with no information on numerous channels

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Reboot it and once it starts up again reboot the unit again and it will flush the guide and start a fresh reload of the guide.
rlockshin said:
I had rebooted and also redid the satellite set up to no avail. I did a reset and as soon as it started ,I pushed the red button. Not sure of the logic behind it,but I will try anything. Will report back with results
The guide info is cached to the hard drive so when you reboot the unit and it starts back up you will have a full guide and it will not have to download again.

If you reboot 2 times in less than 30 minutes it will flush the cached guide info so it can download again.
rlockshin said:
After the double boot,how long will it take until I have a full guide?

Could my problem be a faulty receiver?
It will take about 24 hours to completely load. I doubt very much it is a problem with the receiver.

What are your transponder signals on SAT's 101 and 119?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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