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Ponbiki said:
Hey guys, thanks for replying, just thought I'd give an update.

Basically I connected the box to a working dish, it got signal and guide info, and said I'd have to call to get service etc. The OTA started working also. I also disconnected the dish and the OTA continued to work, even after turning it off and on.

The dilemma is once power is disconnected from the box it looses the guide info. So my next plan is to buy a UPS and hook it up at the dish location, then bring the UPS and H10 back home. That should get me going, not sure if there is a timeout before the box locks up without a dish connected though.

I would just install a dish, but my apartment doesn't allow it. The reason I am trying to use the H10 just for the OTA is an ATSC set-top costs at least $180 retail and prices will probably drop to below $50 in the text two years, so if I can buy a device for $50 now meant for D* that does OTA it's worth it.
IMO, if you already have a dish the H10 could be a viable ATSC tuner as it will still recieve guide data even when deactivated. Mine actually recieved the latest software upgrade in this configuration. I'm actually using mine like this until the HR20 gets the OTA tuner activated.

$50 for H10 + UPS + "your time spent messing with it"
$180 ATSC tuner that will work even after the power bumps in the night.

I don't see the economical advantage of the H10 in this case.
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