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H20-100 and the Olympic Channels 750-756

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When I tune to UHD on 756 or CNBC on 751, it initially comes up as letterboxed as it should on my 4:3 screen. However, it immediately changes to stretch the picture vertically to fill the screen. The format button is non-responsive and I cannot change it back to letterboxed

When I tune to 259 or 355, the picture is fine and remains letterboxed.

This is on a Zenith CRT 4:3 HD tv connected via component cables.

Anyone else having this issue?

Edit: NEVERMIND - it's the interactive function on those channels. I just have to hit EXIT and it goes back to normal.
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The Olympic channels are "interactive." When tuning to one, you should see a "red button" menu icon appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

I'm not sure why it resizes to 4:3 but, regardless if you hit the red button, hitting "Exit" will snap the picture back to whatever aspect you normally use. You'll have to do it everytime you tune to these channels though.
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