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H20-600 DOA

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I upgraded an old Samsung HD reciever (MPEG2 only) to an H2X. The receiver arrived today but the unit will not power on. It is clearly getting power since you can see a green LED on the circuit board light and you can see the light for the optical audio connection. I searched the forum for any "magic incantation" but drew a blank. There are no lights on the front panel - not the power button or any resolution LED's and nothing appears to come up on the TV screen for setup. Since I got an H20-600 with OTA tuners, I was hoping to be able to work around this but I think it is "call D* for a replacement.

Anyone have any "don't invalidate the warranty" suggestions or am I SOL??

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Hi, Neighbor,
Glad to see that you were able to get an H20-600 which, in my experience, has much better OTA tuners than Hxxx-100's. I recently had to replace an H20-600 and was told by both D* and the installer coming to replace that I would be getting another H20. When it arrived, it was "Oops, sorry, all we have are H21's now." Naturally no OTA and it's ability to receive RF signal is awful.
Sorry to see that your H20-600 won't "fire up". The only three things I could think of, you probably have already tried or considered - 1) unplug, wait a few minutes, and replug; 2) press the red reset button and see if that does anything, and 3) call D* customer service (assuming you don't get any better alternatives from others in the forum). Good luck.
Thanks for your response. Yes, I tried multiple power on with different outlets. Long pauses and RBR's. Nothing seemed to help. I was hopeful since I could see that it had internal power. Finally called and they are sending a replacement.

Ah well, we will see. Thanks again.
Let's hope the replacement works a bit better and that it has OTA, if you need that feature.
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