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H20-600 Macro Blocking

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So I have been dealing with this issue since Sunday Ticket started, and I am finally seeking help outside of DirecTV. Here's my setup/background info:

5-LNB dish with multiswitch on roof. 1 Sd D10 in bedroom, 1 HR-20 in Living Room, 2 H20-600s also in living room.

Everything operates fine expect 1 of the 2 H20s. I have individually switched the BBCs, the cables from the switch, and tried new HDMI cables. The problem seems to be isolated to the 1 particular H20 from all my troubleshooting. Both are on the same software rev (0x407E) and are definitely of the 600 variety. Oh, and of course tried RBR and hard power cycle.

On to the problem...I get severe pixelization/macro blocking on the HD channels only. And of course, this is only on 1 of the 3 boxes getting the HD feed, plus as I mentioned all the cables are proven to work on the other boxes. It started out as being just on the Superfan channels, but now I do not even get local HD without the pixelization. This wasn't a big deal because I had just been watching the local FOX/CBS game on this particular set but now I am left with nothing and DirecTV wants to charge me $75 to come replace it. Nevermind that I've already done all the work and troubleshooting for them.

Any thoughts on this problem? Is it definitely a dead box? Could it be the access card? Are there any other tests I can run or methods to try and fix it?
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RobertE said:
sweet, thanks! I guess I will follow up with both of them and get them swapped!
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