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H20-600 Search issue

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Don't remember seeing this discussed, so here goes.

I got a H20-600. I have a glitch that started just a week or so ago.

When I go to search for a show, and go to recent searches, I select a previous search, and my receiver thinks about it for a second or two, then shuts down/restarts. This occurs every time, but last night, it also deleted every saved channel in both my favorites.

But the shut down issue occurs every time. The receiver performs normally otherwise. My software shows (not at home right now) IIRC x2047, sometime in late July, so I'm pretty sure I got the latest version.

Anyone else have this error occur? I really don't want to play CSR roulette and have them tell me I need a new receiver (no PP) cause I depend on OTA locals and it appears H23's don't have OTA nor AM21 support from what I've read.

Any ideas?
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Do a force download of the software.

Reboot, at 'hello' screen enter 02468.
Never tried a reset - usually like to avoid those if at all possible, but I'll give it a shot.

Huh, never knew you could force a download. If the reset doesn't work, I'll give that a shot.

Thanks for your help. I guess I was hoping I wasn't the only one, if you know what I mean.
I will run a test on mine here to see what I get and get back to you. I have never ran a search on my H20-600.
I just tried it and guess what, the receiver reset just as you said. I will report this in the CE threads since I do beleive I have the latest CE in mine. It is interesting too, I ran a search, that worked, but when I tried as you said a previous search it did a reset. Wild!

Mods, this likely needs to get some attention, this is bad behavior from the H20-600, this should not occur.
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