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H20 issues?

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Some one gave my number out, a customer was not getting their local channels. Well i didnt know till i got there that it wasnt my customer.

I only deal with new equipment so have no clue on H20 receivers.

But anyhow i get there, dish is way out of aim, only about 20's on 103

I reaimed the dish back up to the 90's.

The H20 would search for signal on all local channels. This is a standard def account, locals are HD only.

I brought up the spotbeam transponders and was getting 95 94 88 92 on the ones we use here for local channels.

Exiting out of the signal screen i would get picture for a second on one of the local channels then it would go searching again.

I replaced LNB and BBC, and did a software update which took 5 tries and about an hour to get the software done, the receiver kept locking up.

Is this just a fluke or common on these H20's?
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Some H20's are prone to over heating. If that one is hot, they need to switch it out.
As to why they cant get their locals, I would guess it has something to do with their account on the computer at DirecTv.

Did you try doing a reauthorization?
Check which model H20 it is. The -100s are fairly good, while the -600 have been recalled/dumped, or whatever you want to call a bad design that finally was pulled.
I did not check model number. I called in and got hung up on twice by customer service, then finally got to someone and explained what the receiver was doing, she insisted on sending a replacement out which really wouldn't hurt anyway. First called into ISS, who claimed they couldn't help me at all.....

But thing that go me was that it showed great signal on the local transponders, then did display for a second or two of the local channel, then claimed SFS 771, it only showed picture right after exiting the signal strength menu, all other times it was just SFS
H20's do that Cuz, just needs to be replaced, If they had HD on the account it normally starts with 206.
There was a CSR who could explain what was wrong with an IRD? :lol:

As far as the H20's go, the -600 manufactured by LG has a major design flaw that causes it to get very hot. After some time that heat more or less 'cooks' a component in the IRD. Sometimes it's a video output, sometimes it's the tuner, but it's only a matter of time before one craps out. As a general rule, if you find one, replace it.
ndole said:
As a general rule, if you find one....
"Don't" and pretend you never saw it. :lol:
veryoldschool said:
"Don't" and pretend you never saw it. :lol:
Well, I suppose if you don't have any accountability for repeat calls, then sure.. :lol:
As a general rule I replace them buggers anytime I see them. Just can't afford SIN90's.Somehow they still manage to popup in our inventory refurbished. "Better than new"??
MRDJ said:
"Better than new"??
Well that might not be too hard when the bar is so low for "new".
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