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H20 & Temp Control Room

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Is there somewhere i can find a spec. sheet for the H20 receiver?

Specificly, what i need to know is the diminsions and heat load for the h20.
I am putting 12 H20's in a temp controlled server room in a rack and the client needs to know what the heat load will be so they can off set the temp control.

Is there anyone that might know the diminsions and the heat load?
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well they pull about 37w each..
so 40*12= about 500w worth of heating.. real rough number would be 1700btu..
I hope they dont turn all the power into heat!

But ya, that is a good rough estimate I guess.
Grentz said:
I hope they dont turn all the power into heat!

But ya, that is a good rough estimate I guess.
where else would it go? A little to the dish, but I hope it doesn't send it out the HDMI :eek2: :lol:
True :p

Well a bit will go out to the video ports, video signal is still power. Not any significant amount though most likely.
Which model H20, the -100 or the -600? Perhaps you mean the H21. H20-600's are fireballs. They must convert 200% of that 37 watts into heat. Perhaps they have small nuclear reactors inside. If you actually could find a dozen H20-600's, I'd recommend they be individually cooled.
I got a whole back room of h20-600's (H20) are the only hd receivers we use in a comm. app.

The HD boxes used to have a temp display in the menu info screen but i haven't seen it for awhile. I think they must have removed that option. If i remember correct the last time i seen one it said it was running somewhere between 110 -120 degrees.

That feature was great to show customers when they had a service call because they would close their box in a cabinet with no ventilation.
For a dozen -600's, ~10,000 cfm ought to just about do it. :lol:

(As you can see below, I do like 'em, however.)
hr20-100 = width=15'' height= 3 1/8th'' depth= apprx. 12'' including ports on back of unit minus the bbc and cable connector.

The temp gauge is still in there you just need to hit 'select' on info and test page then page down one screen around the zip code info.

The units will power off at 130 deg F. so if they are stacked 12 high the ones in the middle WILL need some extra help staying powered on. imo.
i have a 600 and while it does run hot it seems to run stable with a fan mounted inside blowing down on the heatsink, certainly glad i read about that fix here on this site :), right now i have the fan running on the usb connector but might opt for a different power source to see if i can speed the fan up a bit more.
DtvSlave said:
I got a whole back room of h20-600's (H20)
You could heat a whole building with those jokers.
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