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h20 to hr20 DT*

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I have a h20 receiver i have activated in the last month and now just bought and hr20 receiver. I want to activate the hr20 box and deactivate the h20.

My questions is, if i deactivate the h20, will dt* make me send back the deactivated receiver or will they just have me keep it? I just spent $100 for a lease and now upgrading will I be penalized?
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Totally depends.

You'll have to call DirecTV to find out for sure, as each person cases/scenerio is different.
Is that if you send it back they will credit you the $100.
The unadulterated answer is Yes, you will have to send the H20 back unless you decide to keep both units active. As the H20 is leased, D* still owns it and if you deactivate it, you need to send it back or you may face a non-return fee.

The "adulterated" answer is if you keep it active, you may be able to swing a deal with D* for billing credits that may offset the $5.00 fee for the second unit. Or, if you deactivate and send it back, you may be able to swing a deal with D* for billing credits to "get back" some of the upfront lease fee.

That being said, any such deals depend a LOT on your history with D* and is totally up to their discretion. If you are a new subscriber (or haven't handled your account well), you may not be able to swing any kind of deals.

All you can do is call D*, be polite, explain that you were impressed with their HD and as a result decided to upgrade to the HD DVR from the HD receiver. You are wondering if there is anything they can do to help reduce the financial "hit" you are taking by upgrading from the HD receiver to the HD DVR. Then see what they are willing to do for you.

By the way, the return process should include them sending you what amounts to a pre-paid box so there should be no cost to you to return the H20.
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If I could add just one thing to what Jluc said.

If you do send back the H20 via the return shipping box that d* will send you, make sure you document any tracking/shipping information from the label. D* has been known to lose track of returned receivers from time to time.
well here is how i made out. I called and talked to a rep and she was very understanding because it was only a 21 days old. She said I was to return the unit and if I activated the hr20 she would issue a billing credit on my bill of $100.00 :D .

Now on another subject I got a very knowledgable rep about the software on the hr20, he stated 12/7 Los Angles was the first to get x108, and it then hit the western part of the country 12/13, he claimed that DT* would still be sending out the download by end of year or early January... so for those who missed Santa there might be some hope.:grin:
Sweet! Certainly makes it an easier transition to the DVR. Nice job!
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