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H21-100/H21-200: 0x407E

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H21-100/H21-200: 0x407E
Staggered release began 7/15/08.

The Contents of the Release: (Differences based on Last National Release)

  • MPEG4 video output stability improvement
  • UI polish for Signal Strength screens
  • Stability improvement for custom favorite list usage
  • Multi-switch compatibility improvements
  • XM channel stability improvement
  • Game Lounge stability improvement
  • Program guide data update behavior improvement
  • Favorite list and guide filtering behavior improvement
  • Minor remote control key repeat improvement
  • Slimline-3 ODU compatibility
  • New help UI screens
  • Native resolution behavior polish
  • Minor PPV UI polish
  • Added Caller ID robustness
  • Added HDCP behavior robustness
  • Guide filter not displaying channels from current favorites
  • Fixed incorrect response to remote volume keys
  • Added additional remote control codes
  • Fixed Highlight disappears in Quick Menu
  • Fixed extra filter bar appearing in Channel banner info screen
  • Fixed highlight errors in call log screen
  • UI Polishing
  • Improved stability
  • Added interactive applications robustness
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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