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H21-100 & Rc32rf

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Just had a faulty H20-100 replaced with an H21NC-100 - latest SW (407E) now on the unit. Programmed the RC32RF remote to work with this receiver (RF mode). The performance is extremely poor, even when moving the remote just a few feet from the receiver - very intermittent/sketchy and effectively not usable. Replaced the remote batteries with no improvement. This RF remote worked great with the previous H20.

Is there a known issue with the H21-100s in this area? Are there any compatibility issues between the RC32RF and this receiver? Might a future SW upgrade corect this, or am I stuck with the IR mode, which is suprisingly very good on this receiver? It's fairly forgiving in terms of pointing/distance, but certainly not a complete substitute for a working RF remote/receiver combo. Thanks.

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