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Aramaea said:
I have an issue here in Alaska. We use the 1.2 meter dish with a 99/101/103 LNB and only on H21 models am I having the following issue. When customer leave their receivers on a 103 channel for a while, they will loose all their guide data. When they go to pull up their channel menu, it says "no channels in favorites list" The customer then has to reset the receiver and the problem is fixed. I have a few customers that have to reset their receiver a half dozen times a day. I think that the receiver is getting its HD guide data off the 119 sat. Since we have a seperate dish for the 110/119 sats, most customers only have the 99/101/103 lnb with no capability to pick up the 119 sat for the guide data. Can anyone enlighten me on what might be causing this issue? This only happens on the H21-100's. I have heard that a temporary fix may be to autotune the receiver to a SD channel every night when they are done watching TV. This seems like a software glitch to me.
I had this exact issue for a few months this fall here in Eagle River, Alaska. Direct even had my installer come out and exchange my two H21 receivers (my HR21 never had the issue). Nothing improved.

Then, after reading this site, I went back through setup and configured my H21s from a 5 LMB dish to a 3LMB Slimline. Problem solved. I think that my installer, Microcom, was so used to installing two dishes for Alaskans before D11 went live that they didn't properly configure me for my 1 dish installation this past summer.

Problem solved for me!
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