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h24/200 Sound

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I have a h24/200 that i hooked up component video cables to and want to run digital coax out to the tv. I have picture but i don't have sound. Any suggestions on why it won't work??

Is there something that i need to turn on or will it work. The TV is a lg 32".

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Check your TV manual as most only have optical out and don't have optical in.
I don't know of many or any tvs that have digital coax inputs...most with tuners have an optical output only. What advantage do you think you get by running digital audio to a tv with crappy tinny little speakers anyway?
ok so it is a digital out.

I have a leap frog wireless thing that i need the av cables for. How can i get sound to tv and to other thing. there isn't a sound out of the tv other than digital or coax.
You might change over to HDMI to the TV.
We had an issue with the hdmi where the picture would get all funny when it would come back on. It went all pink and funny colored. It was very odd!!! Not sure if that could be a cable of it it could be the reciever or tv? Worked fine at first then when we would turn it off then back on it would do that!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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