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Had a great install.

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First off hey! Long time lurker. Finally decided to get registered and post.

Anyway I'm not new to Directv. I had their service and canceled when the regional electric company brought fiber in and decided to try it out. Actually it's excellent but I just wanted more HD then they offered and I hated the SA8300 PVR so I went back to D.

The last time I had it installed the guy they sent out immediately mounted the dish to my house even though I live in the woods and I knew I'd never get a signal where he mounted it. He proceeded to unmount it and got ready to drill again in a different location. I said "Hold on. Why don't you try and get a signal before you mount it?" Hey good idea. Well he got on by moving the dish out into a open field behind my house. Then proceeded to drill into the house and missed the crawl space and drilled through the baseboard of my daughter's room. After much time and screw ups I finally got it installed. I really only mention this because I read through here days before I was scheduled to get my new install and saw some horror stories here as well.

Well let me tell you the installer I got was great this second time. He came up our driveway and I met him when he got out of the van and he had a sort of dazed look. I said that don't worry you should be able to get a signal and pointed out into the field. Of course I wasn't as sure about the signal with the SL dish. He goes out and gets one so he knows he can do the install. Since I'm getting HD with 2 DVR's and two receivers he's got to run four cables (bummer since I have to trench 160'). I ask him if it would be okay to band them together into one cable and he says yes and then gives me a big handful of zip-ties.

Once in the house he hooks all the DVR's and receivers up but I can't find the HDMI cable to one of the TV's so I tell him I'll just hook it up with component right now. He them tells me he's got an HDMI cable in the van if I want it. I figured "Here goes. I'm about to get screwed." So I ask how much is that going to cost? Nothing!

Well everything is hooked up and during the activation Directv must've passed him to 5 or 6 different people and really screwed up the process. He was calm the whole time (even though I could tell he was frustrated with them). Ended up killing one of my access cards and D is sending another out but at least we have everything going (short one of the HD receivers).

The guy was great. Took the time to get a great signal (all satellites >94) in a place that's not exactly easy to get one. Was going to run my network cable for me. Gave me a HDMI cable (which he could've tried to jack me with) and was quite professional on the phone while D was screwing up the activation.

Well I just wanted to let you know there's some decent installers out there (I'm sure you know) as well as some not so great ones.
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