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Had some sort of power surge or something....

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Not really sure what happened as I was out, but there was heavy storm in our area. Power surge or lightening strike or something.

I came home late night and first thing I notice was our tv in the kitchen was just glowing white and the HD receiver had nothing. Plugged them in different places around the house and both are unresponsive, well the tv just glows white wherever I plug it in.

Another setup in the BR also had something happen to it, that tv turns on and appears fine (PS3 works fine) and the HD DVR turns on but the tv just kept showing no signal. I changed the HDMI cable and different inputs (including the one the PS3 works on) and nothing... Finally decided to try some A/V cables and they worked...everything on the DVR is there and although not HD there is picture.

We have 2 other setups one HD DVR and on SD and they were both unaffected by the problems and have been fine. I also called customer support the day after if happened and they walked me through a few things like checking the connections and stuff and we couldn't get it going...sending a tech out on the 30th.

So there's the story...guess I'm just wanting to hear what anyone has to say about it. I would like to get the HD back on my BR setup instead of the AV cables lol, really though, I don't want to lose all my shows I have saved on there. I'm guessing the Kitchen one where I am getting nothing at all is done.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Use component cables then you will have hd and keep your dvr stuff the tech will just swap the box and you lose all your dvr stuff.
try unplugging for an hour, odds are it does no good but what can it hurt..
Check your other appliances. A power surge or close by lightning strike can really mess up a lot of things. I have seen garage door openers and clocks fried and other appliances OK. I had a TV once have a screen go white and never get back to normal. This TV was connected to a OTA antenna and did not take a direct hit, but the strike was near by.
themaestro said:
Not really sure what happened as I was out, but there was heavy storm in our area. Power surge or lightening strike or something.
Assume it was a lightning strike. A lightning strike to AC wires far down the street is a direct strike to every household appliance. That is an incoming electrical current. But to be damaged, the appliance must also have an outgoing electrical current to earth ground. Some TVs did not make both connections. Others did.

At least one TV apparently has a failed HDMI port. A surge current may pass completely through the TV. But it typically only damages one (or a few) part. In this case, maybe the HDMI interface chip. Repair is easy if a tech has technical knowledge. Unfortunately, sometimes the one failed chip is on the only electronics board. Easy to fix - and sometimes too expensive.

If the current was through that HDMI port, then the same current was also on the other end of that HDMI cable.

A surge current inside the house means you did not have an earthed 'whole house' protector. Once that surge current is inside, then it will find destructive paths to earth via your appliances. Best protection at an appliance is already inside the appliance. Most surges are made irrelevant by existing internal protection. Your concern is the rare surge that may overwhelm that protection. It did not overwhelm everything. It only damaged what was the better connection to earth.

Garage door openers are a usual victim of lightning strikes far down the street. Because openers provide a best connection to earth. Many assume it is only an indirect strike. But again, lightning striking any utility wires (overhead or underground) is a direct strike incoming to all appliances. Damage is defined by which appliance made the better outgoing connection to earth. Damage is averted when all incoming utilities wires are earthed, at the service entrance - ie one 'whole house' protector.
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Thanks for the info guys.
So far it appears that only the 2 Directv setups were affected by the event. The one tv and receiver are not working whatsoever and the tv glows white when I plug it in (at different places around the house). The DVR setup is working with the a/v cables but HDMI is still not working. Still waiting for the tech scheduled for the 30th.

I've been trying to get most of the recordings off my DVR in case I need to replace it. I'm a little worried (maybe for no reason) that if I use component setup then it maybe it will mess up later since apparently the HDMI port is bad so would better just to get a new DVR.
Last Wednesday, our city (Cincinnati, OH) saw over 1000 lightning strikes a minute. It was insane. I haven't seen anything like that for 10 years or so. Flooding, harsh wind, etc.

With that said, here is my list of Kentucky Fried Electronics:

- Apple Airport Extreme
- Owned Cisco Cable Modem
- Samsung 6 series LED kitchen TV
- Old Sony tube TV
- LCD computer monitor
- Even my sleep number bed :(

BUT! Everything hooked up to my APC UPS was fine! Thanks APC!
- HR34
- Vizio 55 inch LED LCD
- AppleTV
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