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Harmony remotes and HR20

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I have a Harmony 659 and a 628.
I would like to set up the HR20 with the 659 in the living room and use the Hr20 remote (I believe it is IR capable) in the BR to control the HR20 that is in the LR. The Hr20 will be hooked up by component to the LR HDTV and by coaxial to the BR TV.
Then I would like to keep my extra 10-250 also in the LR to hook up OTA(I get Toledo OTA and am in the Detroit DMA). I would like to use the 628 to control only the 10-250. Can I program the 628 to only work on the 10-250 or will it interact with the HR20 as well? Same question for the other two remotes.

It would be great if there is a way to program the 659 to control the HR20 and 10-250 separately but that is probably asking too much.
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You are not asking to much. This is exactly what the harmony is designed to do. It will control both the HR20 and the HR10-250. You can do this with either harmony remote. I have my 676 contolling an HR20 and 2 DTivos in the same room, in addition to the TV, Receiver, DVD recorder, DVD player and XM radio. It will controll all of them.
Thanks soccergrunt.
I think this set up would free up my dreeser top in the bedroom, making my wife happy. It would also give me more capacity and flexibility in the livingroom for HDTV. Am I missing a down side to this set up?
No real downside. I have my HR20 and 2 R10 Dtivos in my living room. I connected the 2 tivos to a remote video a/b switch via coax, then to the pre-wired house coax that was put in for cable. I can access the two tivos from my bedroom and from the bassement. This way I can access all three DVRs in the living room and the two tivos from either remote location. I use harmony remotes in each location to control the units. I am not sure if the remote shipped with the HR20 is RF capable. If not, you can use IR remote extenders, I use the Leapfrog brand available at Circuit City. They work great and you don't have to have an RF remote.
Thanks again.
Looks like I need to sell this to the wife on ease of use and then order the HR20.

Soccergrunt I am sure I will be PMing you with remote questions when the time comes.
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