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I've had a Harmony One remote for a few months now. Logitech's flagship remote is feature-rich, although RF would be nice.

Anyway, the remote started reseting itself infrequently a while ago. The date & time would have to be reset each time (this also made it easy to determine if a reset had occurred while the remote was simply "sitting there."

I upgraded the remotes firmware to version 3.2 this past Wednesday - only to see the problem get much worse.

Called Logitech yesterday and was promptly escalated to "level 2" support. Long story short - they're sending a replacement remote to me.

This is a similar situation to a problem I had with another Harmony. Very little explaining to Logitech & they send me a replacement.

The old Harmony One is now disabled (can't be updated via the GUI), but that's OK - I can live with frequent resets for the next few days!
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I had the common problem with my 880 of not seating properly in the charging stand. They replaced the whole thing with a phone call.
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