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Has anyone had any problems with the new HD-DVR from Directv?

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We are scheduled to get the HR20 dvr/receiver installed on Jan. 2 and was wondering if anyone has had troubles with this device?

Also, which do you prefer, DTV or Dish Network?

I'm new, by the way, thanks!
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I think you just dropped a grenade into a room.. I am going to close this thread and suggest taking a look around the forum. I think it will answer your question.
Chuck's son.

I highly highly highly recommend that you start to take a look at the threads in this forum.

Has anyone had problems with this unit? Plain and simple... Yes
But you will need to read the threads to see what kind of troubles, the severity ect.

As for DirecTV vs Dish Network...

Again, another case of read to help you make your decision.
There are so many factors that come into play.

So for both of your questions.... there is simply no direct answer.
Other then, yes... there are users that have problems with the HR20.
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Hahahaha Earl.. I bet you to the punch. ;) Does not happen often for sure...
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