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I have been with Directv for years. I have had the maintenance plan that covers only the directv equipment for years also. I have only used the maint. plan once for an issue with the dish and the pole it was mounted on. I think I am not getting my moneys worth for this plan for sure. So I thought I might get an upgrade which I understand is part of the plan.

I have now gotten two 4k tv's. My current Directv equipment per their website is one HR44-700 and two HR23-700's. So 3 dvr's total. We no longer max out the tuners on these dvr's since my kids are older. But we used to need that many at some times.

A couple random facts about my house that may or may not matter. My house is wired for network. Two drops at each TV location. Unfortunately I did it years and years ago and I used Cat5. Not cat5e or higher but Cat5. It still gets over 500mbps and everything is attached to a switch and then AT&T Fiber gig internet. Wifi coverage is pretty good except at the furthest reaches.

I do not know what the features of the newest boxes are. So I dont know what I am missing. I have read on here and elsewhere that there is very little 4k content. But I wouldnt mind having something 4k to watch on these newer tv's.

I do not watch a single minute of sports. So the only content I watch are movies and tv series. I have 4k netflix service already.

To be honest, the equipment I have now basically does the job. But I know I am eligible for an upgrade with the maintenance plan so I might as well take advantage of what I am paying for.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Try the Directv Stream service. It's so much better than the satellite service. All the problems you're having will go away.
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