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Hawaii Directv Installation

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Does anyone have information about installing Directv on the Big Island in Hawaii? One of our clients is building a new house near Kona and does not want Oceanic Time Warner Cable... Need a little help here. Someone there mentioned a 4' dish.
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Should be sufficient DVTAKHI 1.2m kit ... I would ask local ppl for sure.
There are a number of local installers who can do this for you. You will need either one or two "Alaska/Hawaii" dishes. One 1.2m dish with an LNB for the 99/101/103 satellites, and a second one with an LNB for 110/119 (if you need any of the channels that come from 119). If you don't have the second dish, the installation MUST use an SWM8 multiswitch otherwise there will be guide issues.
These are big dishes and have special mounting.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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