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"HBO & Starz HD " offer?

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I saw this and was wondering is this a stand-alone offer or do you have to have the regular HBO and Starz pack before getting this?

Today the installer is coming with our new HD boxes and I'm going to revamp our programming. We currently have the Top 200 along with HBO, Showtime and Starz and no HD packages.

Kenny J
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Saw what? You need the sd package to get the HD versions. You cannot get the HD as a stand alone.
its not an add on; the HD version is included in the HBO & Starz packages, you just need the HD equipment to receive them.
Does anyone know if you have to billed directly by Dish Network to get this deal?

I am bundled through AT&T, just wondering if I qualify too. Tried Dish's website, could not get it to come up for me.
I trust like any programming "downgrades" there will be a charge to remove these if you don't continue after three months?
I already have HBO. Can I order Starz only or it's a packaged deal?
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