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Last night I saw the primier of "The Wire" on HBO. It got some good reviews so I thought I'd give it a chance.

Okay so it's a gritty cop show a la "Crime Story" on NBC from the 80's. But Jeez-Louise! HBO...I already know you are allowed to use the F word. I'm no prude and have no problem with "real speak". But the number of times that word was used in it's many forms and gestures in an hour was stupefying! After a little while it just became funny. About 30 minutes into the show, it had been used so often that I decided to count how many more times it was used. I lost count at 45 with more than 10 minutes to go.

So what did I think of the show itself...It's a gritty cop show a la Crime Story. It's a crime soap opera complete with a lesbian cop, a hated wistle-blower cop, a bastard captain, and all the regular cliches. The whole story revolves around an "untouchable" drug king-pin and his organization in the Baltimore Projects. All very predictable so far.

I'll give the show another few episodes or 100 F*s whichever comes first to see if it pans out.

See ya
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