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HD-DVR and non-HD TV

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Just got a new HD-DVR for our SD TV. (We moved and I got a deal on the HD-DVR from D*TV. We do plan to get a new HDTV for this reciever but not for a few months.) In the meantime, what is the best way to watch TV- on the HD or SD channels? Pic quality seems to vary among the channels. Also, should I set the "format" to a particular setting to get a better PQ?
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I've got the same setup. If you haven't upgraded to an external hard drive, I'd probably limit HD viewing to only Live viewing, and not record them. Unless it's necessary-I know there are a few channels that are HD exclusive-no SD channel.
Also, how do you have it connected to your tv? Composite (Red, Yellow, White), S-Video (Black cable, Red, White) or Component (Red, Green, Blue, Red, White)? The HD over component (Even though it's being down converted to 480i) look GREAT on my Tv! Much better than the SD channels.
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