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So I got the check I was expected and paid off my Directv bill and so I called in and asked about adding a second HD-DVR and the lady said I could get one for $99 plus free shipping, I said great please bill me and she told me they dont do this anymore and I needed to pay upfront, well after paying Directv and other bills I wont have anymore money for a few weeks, so I told her I couldnt do it right now and she said she placed in the notes to give me the $99 deal when I can call back and pay for it with a credit/Debit card.

Is she for real or should I call back? since i got Directv a year ago I have added 2 HD receivers to my account one was free and the other one I got charged $50 but the one for $50 was billed to my acount, so I didnt know if this was a new policy or what.

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dpeters11 said:
I've been told this as well, and I'd been on autopay for at least a few years.
Yeah same here. Called to order MRV for my parents. Made me give them a CC # which was the same one they already had on file and charge every month for the upgrade.

Sometimes they are a great company and sometimes they do stuff that makes no sense.
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