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HD-DVR - HR20-700 Wireless Installation

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Although not recommended by DirecTV I would like to set-up my system for internet access via my wireless network. My wireless system is an Apple AirPort Extreme base station hardwired to an ATT supplied DSL modem. I also have an HP 5100 Series printer on the AirPort Extreme's UBS slot. All my computers, an iMac, an Apple MacBook, and an HP Laptop easily access the apple network via their OEM wireless connection. What equipment or adapters will (do) I need to put the HD-DVR on my wireless network? Are these the same adapters offered on the DirecTV website or are the DirecTV adapters for hard wired networks only?

Although I am somewhat computer savvy, I confess that I am totally confused when I read all the posts on wireless network connectors. Information overload kicks in. If anyone has connected the DirecTV receiver via an Apple wireless network and it works, please let me know exactly what you did and how you resolved any problem during the installation.

I hope that I am posting to the correct forum even though my issue is not an MUD installation. Thanks for your help.
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You need a wireless bridge (also sold as wireless game adapters; they're the same thing).

I use three of Apple's Airport Express to extend my Airport Extreme coverage and to provide wired network access where necessary. The express can easily be added to your network and then you'll simply plug your HR20-700 into the RJ45 that is built into the Express. The Express is about the same size as an AC adapter and really work well with both 802.11g and 802.11n (depending on what Extreme you have) and can be used in many configurations. I use one when I travel to give me wireless access in those hotels that only have a wired connection.
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