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HD DVR install problems

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I normally wouldn't post this, but I'm a bit flustered with an install earlier today and wanted to see if this is common practice. I did a third room install today and the tech wanted $100 for a multiswitch and wanted to charge me for cable. I got directv on the phone who told him to not charge me for the multiswitch install and he then tells them "ok, well I don't have one so I can't put it in." So since he can't get the money he changes his story to not having one. He would also not provide me any cable to run to the third room. He says they no longer provide cable, not even if I ran the cable myself. But he would gladly provide cable for a fee, and an additional fee to run it himself. Is this standard practice? Am I being unreasonable for asking for cable at no charge?
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He didn't want cash for this extra stuff, did he? If he did, I'd call his boss. He's a thief.
I agree with Carl, there are installers out there like that.
Carl Spock said:
He didn't want cash for this extra stuff, did he? If he did, I'd call his boss. He's a thief.
I didn't discuss payment, because I refused to give him any money. So I don't know if he was planning on doing it for straight cash or not. I told him I wasn't going to pay him $100 to put the multiswitch on and then pay extra for the cable and then pay extra again for him to run the cable. He said he would not give me any cable or the multiswitch to do it myself either. I've had a number of installs over the years and have always tipped the installer at the end, not this time.
I would have handed him the new box and shown him the door. THEN I would have called DirecTV. I certainly would not sign any of his paperwork or accept a half-install or worse submit myself to a shakedown which is exactly what he was conducting trying to charge you.
Installers do NOT work for Directv! They work for an outside company that Directv hirers to do installs!

I would contact the Company the guy works for and talk to his boss!!
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