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HD/DVR output to 2nd TV

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I am about to upgrade to HD/DVR. However, I currently use the coaxial out to send the signal from my SD/DVR to TVs in the kitchen and basement. I don't believe the HD/DVR has coaxial out...just component and composite. How can I transmit what is on the box to other TVs a good distance away? I don't want to switch to Dish to be able to do this.

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i think theres a RF modulator that accepts the components or Svideo inputs and converts is to a coax as a output. but i maybe wrong though. i imagine someone else will come along to say if i'm correct or not?
Thanks. I found one on the Radio Shack web site.
brb408wpb said:
Thanks. I found one on the Radio Shack web site.
your welcome :)

i thought there was one, i just never had a need for one. I'm Glad you found what you was looking for.
AirRocker said:
you may also want to check www.x10.com ... their site appears to be down at the moment however...
hehe seems like we posted at the same time :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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