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HD DVR Upgrade

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Hello. I logged into my online account and it says that for a limited time I can upgrade to a free HD DVR. I currently have an HR24 and 3 H24's. My thought was to replace an H24 in a kid's room with the DVR and set all the kid's show timers on the that one. If I do this will all receivers be able to see the recordings on both DVR's. Thanks in advance for the help.
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If you have whole home already on the account yes.
I do have whole home dvr already. Now this might be too much to ask but can I make it so my existing HR24 recordings only show up in the master bedroom and that DVR but the kids' recordings show up everywhere?
Also would there be any additional monthly fees?
You can set the HR24 to not share its playlist, but then it won't show up anywhere else at all.

Also please keep in mind when ordering a DVR off of DirecTV's site, which by taking their offer you are, you are not guaranteed an HR24. You could get anything from an HR21 on up.
Would there be an additional DVR fee?
The DVR fee is per account. Then there is a $6 fee for each box. So if you activate a new DVR and deactivate one of your receivers, there wouldn't be any additional charges.
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