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HD Locals: Buffalo, NY

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DMA: Buffalo, NY
Established: 4/4/2007
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Channel 7 (ABC)
Sat, Aug. 30, 2008
Michigan-Utah football game is listed in guide as HD, and announcers say the game is in HD, but I am seeing only SD (both OTA and via DirecTV). This is not the first time this has happened with this station. Sometimes HD "kicks in" more than half-way through a program.
HD Locals available in this DMA

* ABC - WKBW (7)
* CBS - WIVB (4)
* NBC - WGRZ (2)
* FOX - WUTV (29)
* PBS - WNED (17)

Still waiting on CW - WNLO (23)
With the launch of D12 I wonder if anyone heard any thing about it there is any plans to add WNLO-HD (23) and WNYO-HD (49).
Buffalo local stations are probably the worst locals ever.

1. Fox 29 just cuts to SD in the middle of the program. And I dont even get the 119 sat. so i know its those idiots.

2. CBS 4 is always pixelating.

3. No HD CW or MyTV.

Why can't people just be allowed to get the NY locals, Dish has em.

FOX 29: 8:09 P.M March 13 2012. Channel went from HD to SD.

Went live today
Now do you get MeTV through Directv via WBBZ?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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