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HD Locals: Columbus, OH

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DMA: Columbus, OH
Established: 4/19/2006
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Channel(s) affected: NBC - WCMH (4) - no other locals affected

Date: Occuring since at least May 17, 2008. From the looks of it, even longer for most NBC affiliates.

Time: During *all* national broadcasts. Local HD broadcasts are not affected.

Description of Issue: "Infamous" yellow data line on left side of screen, when in pixel-by-pixel mode. When viewing OTA, the problem does not exist, so this seems to be related to the feed WCMH is sending D*.

edit: looks like this may have been fixed!
Channel(s) affected: FOX - WTTE (28) - no other locals affected

Date: Not sure the exact date and time this had been started but has been a on gone situation for several months.

Time: mid to late afternoon, it usually clears up around 7pm (est).

Description of Issue: the audio is severely out of sync and several picture freezes. tested VIA OTA and it is not effected only with the sat HD feed is.
FOX WTTE 28 audio issues HORRIBLE the last 2-3 weeks, maybe longer?

recording of Fringe and Bones on 10/8 were almost unwatchable, I tuned to the channel live on Friday morning and Jerry Spring was terrible, I called the local engineer first and he said that the "receiver at the local pop needed to be remoted into and rebooted" (his words exactly) and that it was a D* issue, not a local issue, it had to do with this local receiver and the OTA signal that D* gets from WTTE 28 FOX.

I called D* and the CS I got on the phone made me troubleshoot and when the problem wasn't resolved she said she would send me a new HD-DVR which I explained to her wasn't the problem and went back over what the local engineer had told me. She then said there was nothing she could do for me and hung up when I asked for a supervisor. I called back and got another lady who I remember was named Deb in Kansas I believe, she was very helpful and took great interest in the detail in which I explained what the local engineer told me and what needed to be done to fix the problem, she told me that the issue would get escalated to the N.E.T. team and they would fix the problem. I spoke with her at length and she assured me that they would handle the problem. I watched some shows on Fri and Sat and it seemed ok. Sunday I actually get to see my 49ers play and guess what....audio problems, popping, skipping, out of sync just like the previous day, another call into CS and got a gentleman who also agreed to send the issue to the NET team and assured me it would be taken care of. At one point during the game I actually lost audio and video for a couple of seconds then when it came back on the audio seemed ok the rest of the game. Monday night watching House and it seemed ok still. Fast forward to Thursday night, Bones and Fringe again had some popping issues but nothing really horrible, at some point during Bones there were times when the full screen HD went to a letterbox and sidebar small version with no audio problems then when it went back to full screen HD it would pop and stutter again, but nothing as bad as it was previous week.

Trying to watch the ALCS tonight and it is horrible again, lagging audio, many pops, stutters, skips and outright loss of audio for a couple of seconds. Another call to CS and another report sent to the NET team yet I never hear from the NET team or when the issue is going to be resolved.

I have friends in the local area who also are having the problems and one of them even got suckered into getting a service call to have his dish aligned which obviously didn't solve the problem for him.
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Hello, I just wanted to let you know also I am having the same issues with Fox and the audio stuff. Trying to watch the Giants and Saints today and wow lots of popping and stuttering going on, very very hard to watch.

If you hear or find out anything else please let me know, and if anything can be done let me know also, I want to get good sound while watching fringe and house also.
I just joined to so I can 'third' the Fox audio issue. I've noticed it on several recordings all month and also live last night the ALCS was horrible.

The NYG/NO game seems fine right now, but I'll be a little upset if the Simpsons is choppy tonight.

Anyone know of the correct escalation path to attempt to correct this issue?
I only know what I have done which is at least 3 calls on my own to D* as well as a call to engineering at WTTE who told me it was a D* issue.

You cannot get in touch with anyone higher than a regular CS agent or their supervisor when you call into D*. Agents have told me they are submitting help tickets to the NET or N.E.T. team (I believe that it stands for Networking Something Team) but the NET team won't actually call you back and you have to call back into regular CS and see if the NET team has posted any notes on any issues they found or corrected in the problem area.

Local WTTE FOX 28 engineer told me that it was the local receiver that D* uses needs to be reset and it is only the HD feed, if you are OTA, SD or using Time Warner or any other providers your HD feed is probably ok.
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I've noticed horrible audio and video glitches every 20-30 seconds on WTTE-DT for the past week at least. This happens on my OTA ATSC reception on my Dish ViP722 and on a second TV's built-in OTA ATSC tuner.

Getting help from WTTE is like pulling teeth. I have had issues with their ATSC broadcasts from time-to-time over the years and they're useless.

The problem is not with Dish; the problem is with their transmission. I will try to find time to call them Monday morning and complain, but if it's anything like the past, it will fall on deaf ears.
WOW has anyone tried to watch FOX tonight? House was totally unwatchable with the stuttering and the lips on the faces did not match the sound at all was the worst i have ever seen it.
Was talking about this over at HDcolumbus.net - Fox 28 is stuttering over the air, on Dish, and on Direct. They appear to be the ones that have the issue.
Made another call to D* just now who said they are getting numerous reports from this area about this issue.

BUT, now the part I have been waiting for, they say it isn't their problem and that it is a broadcast issue I need to take it up with WTTE.

Finally took them 3 weeks to pass the buck back to WTTE so now here I sit, Joe Consumer in the middle paying for a service that doesn't work and no one wants to fix. I will be calling WTTE in the morning and finding out what the deal is.
Just called WTTE, spoke with someone in engineering again who said that he is aware of the problem, it IS a D* issue and that Time Warner, Dish, Wide Open West and OTA feeds are all ok.

He has some calls in to D* to try and figure out what is going on, but he isn't getting any headway, but he told me that D* has problems with FOX feeds across the entire US.
I guess I was among the many calling DirecTV to complain last night. When I called WTTE to ask them what was going on, I was told- "Umm, we're not watching the game in HD. So I don't know." Nice!

I tend to believe this is a DTV problem, because if it was a WTTE issue, wouldn't we be having the same problems with Channel 6? They're both run out of the same studios.

I'm getting REALLY annoyed with this. If anyone gets any answers, please let us know!
Ya i really hope we get it resolved also, its pretty bad when each entity wants to blame the other instead of trying to figure out where the problems actually lies.
There is a new user "Rick" on HDColumbus.net that seems to be from WTTE and is working the issue.

I can't link to the thread, as my post count is too low, but it's on the front page of hdcolumbus.net. The Bengals/Bears game had a few audio issues, but I didn't notice anything on the ALCS game.
Fox 28 - Audio during the MIN vs. GB was getting really bad around 1800 hrs (half time), which is when I started to do some research this issue and found this site :)

Then... it stopped... It would appear someone from WTTE or DirecTV is getting the message of the issue.
Fox 28 - Audio issue still exists, it happened during the MINN/NO game, but I have noticed the past two Sundays that after a (much too long) period of time, the audio and video signal will completely be dropped (satellite signal is still intact so no Directv message) for a few minutes and then when the signal returns, the audio is fine.

This audio issue has led me to just not watch Fox on some evenings, but I started noticing at the beginning of fall sometime. Until I read this, I had just figured that I needed to get my dish realigned.
Tonight was the first I have had issues with FOX since the previous posts I made here.

I also believe it wasn't just a Columbus issue since someone posted in the general D* thread about losing the feed tonight.
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