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For crying out loud there must be someone that is enjoying this new addition. How about some comments.
How is the PQ? Do all of the channels have DD 5.1 audio.
Doesn't anyone in the Fargo market watch tv?

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LOL - we watch plenty of TV, just not a lot of locals. I updated our series recordings a few days ago and it looks like Grimm recorded in HD. I have Family Guy set to record tonight and we also have Antiques Roadshow setup on PBS but I don't know if there's any in the list yet for that.

PQ is good - much better than the crap we had been watching. I'm glad I don't have to watch any more football in SD and I get to see the Super Bowl in HD as well. Haven't had any issues with tiling or any audio dropouts - everything seems to be working well. Can't test DD-5.1 as I don't have any 5.1 audio systems to attach to.

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Although I am not home to specifically verify all channels in DD5.1, PQ is on par with most other HD channels. Local news broadcasts seem very clear and network shows are as expected. This is saying something also as I am fairly picky. (I don't even browse the SD channels on my guide..)

I do have a full 7.1 system and the one little thing I have experienced so far is that in the most recent episode of Revolution, I heard a pretty significant 'leveling' of sounds during action at one point.. meaning instead of it getting louder, everything was actually quieter.

I should be able to report more in the coming week as I record and watch some network shows.

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I would be very interested in knowing which, if any, of the Fargo locals broadcast a DD 5.1 signal. Or if anyone could tell me how I could look up this information on my own. Thanks
This site is pretty good for that;


Click on the link for market 134 for Fargo.

Then when you click on the links of individual stations within the market, their broadcast signal attributes are displayed,
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