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HD Locals: Los Angeles, CA

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Watching 'Til Death and Do Not Disturb recorded Wed. 9/17 from KTTV-MPEG4 (satellite delivered). Both shows had very slight audio errors throughout, just a slight gurgle/blurp while people were talking every so often.
I live in Simi Valley (Los Angeles local feed). I was watching a football game on NBC on Saturday and we were having a rare rainy day. I heard a dripping sound in my right ear (frequency between drips about 2 seconds) and figured it was coming from outside from the rain. I muted my sound to see if I could isolate it. Gone . . . Unmuted and dripping is back. Hmmmm, sound is coming from the television. So, I switched channels and the dripping went away. OK, transient problem with NBC somewhere in their system. No biggie.

Last night, during the debate, same dripping sound on NBC. I noticed my wife had turned on the ceiling fan. Ahhh, that's it!!! The ceiling fan is causing interference. Turned it off. Still get the dripping sound. I run my HR21 sound thru a Yamaha AVR using optical. So, now I'm figuring something must be going on with interference with the AVR. Oh well, I'll figure it out later.

So, I went upstairs to my bedroom where I have an HR20 connected to a Kenwood AVR via composite connectors. It's on a separate dish (don't ask) with no MS. I select a recording of Heroes to play back and - guess what? - dripping sound in my right ear. I put on headphones just to be sure I wasn't imagining this. Later, I turned on Leno and dripping continued. Switched to Letterman - no dripping.

So, it seems isolated to NBC (haven't found another channel to do it). Two different receivers, two AVRs (connected with different cable types), two dishes and the problem gets recorded (same watching a recording vs. watching live). I did a search and found no one else with this issue.

Any ideas?
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Having a problem with NBC and ABC. Don't watch much on the other broadcast channels, so don't know it there is a problem there too. Sometimes the dvr records fine, other times I have a gray screen. Called CS, told me to re-set, but it is still doing it. I have HR-20-700.
Heroes HD. Issues with DD left channel pops on ch 393 last two weeks in a row.
Pops are rhythmic about every five seconds
dalime said:
Heroes HD. Issues with DD left channel pops on ch 393 last two weeks in a row.
Pops are rhythmic about every five seconds
have you tried watching them on channel 4? Was the problem there as well?
dalime said:
Heroes HD. Issues with DD left channel pops on ch 393 last two weeks in a row.
Pops are rhythmic about every five seconds
im having the same problem with most NBC shows using CH4. i hear it on Chuck, Heroes, and Late Night with Conan. sometimes i dont hear it for a while but it might be because ive gotten used to it.
didnt notice it on the office or saturday night live thursday weekend report.

had it on both HR20 and HR22 in the last couple weeks.
all HD locals are pixelated again tonight... been happening on and off for almost a year now.
pi2000 said:
all HD locals are pixelated again tonight... been happening on and off for almost a year now.
Laker game was horrible on channel 9 on Wednesday. The picture must have cut out a handful of times and or the sound. I think it is 9, but I have always noticed during the game that the pictures will go out of focus for a few seconds and then slowly become clear to an HD picture..strange. My signal is pretty much 80's on 99 and 103c, so I think it is either channel 9 or Direct. I have had issues on the other locals as well and has been an issue since I have had Direct since April.
I watched Jeopardy on KABC last night for the first time in a while and noticed that it still has problems where it seems blurry for a second then gets sharper.
Added PBS - KCET (28) to the lineup
Doug Brott said:
Added PBS - KCET (28) to the lineup
Does this mean that KCET is finally in HD??

EDITED: OK, I know this now from the other thread - Finally!! :)
Watching "Cold Case" on KCBS-HD, channel 2, recorded at 8 pm on 1/25/2009.

Picture pixelates occassionally, and sound garbles out for a few seconds.
2 Feb 2009
No closed captions
I live in 29 Palms, ZIP 92277, and receive all of the LA Local Stations, including KCET CH 28 on DIRECTV. I have yet to see any HD programming on this channel.
The station is listed as "LA 28" on the Guide but the station logo shows KCETHD on the screen. I realize that the other local HD channels are listed as KNBC, KCBS, KTTV, etc.
I have bars on both top and bottom and on the sides.
Is it just me or is anyone receiving HD from KCETHD?
Go to Channels I get and look for KCET 28...that will be your HD PBS channel 28
Thanks for the reply.
I did as you suggested and it shows: LA 28 not KCET.
I have reset with the red button and reset with the unplugging but still
get the LA 28.
Maybe I'll send DIRECTV an e-mail and ask for suggestions.
What shows are you viewing in HD on KCET?
Thanks again.
Anyone noticing a "hot" picture on KNBC HD programs? I have DirecTV and recorded Ellen and NBC4 news and noticed (especially on Ellen) that the video was "hot" - faces are too bright. The problem isn't noticeable on any other HD broadcast that I've viewed so far, and it's happening on multiple TV's.

- T
FOX - KTTV (11) very bad this week when watching American Idol. At least 5 times during the Tuesday show the video when all black, lost the DD feed and the audio made a funny booooinggggggg sound. Each time it happened it lasted for about 10 seconds.
Watching AI tonight on Fox 11 HD had one major "blip"/blackout/brrrrip/breakup during Kelly Clarkson's performance. Anyone notice the same thing? The 10:00 news was bad yesterday too.
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