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HD Locals: Myrtle Beach-Florence

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DMA: Myrtle Beach-Florence
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WFXB (FOX) Watching the baseball game picture is not at all smooth. It's almost like there are frames missing. I checked other receivers to see the same PQ. I switched over to OTA and PQ is smooth and what one would expect to see. It reminds me of what I saw while living in NY and WNBC first went Mpeg4 via D. I don't know how many remember that, but it almost had a film quality to it, not at all natural. Commercials seem to be fine, it's just the game that has issues.
Well, todays football game began with the same issues. Someone at D must have been watching, because it's much better now.
WBTW (CBS) As was the case when this station first got lit up. Picture and no sound on H20-100 and No sound no picture on H21-200. I tried it on two of each model # receiver. Same model # yeilds same results. I am guessing they are trying to work things out at D. As the pq was horrible last night and this morning with much hesitation in the picture. Bet described as herky jerky, along with audio being out of sync.
Several hours after my last post in this thread the problem went away. Then last night it started up again with it being un-watchable. Today we are back to no sound on H20s and no sound no picture on H21s. I normaly do not watch much network TV Monday though Friday. But on the weekends with sports being the big draw for me, it's getting a little frustrating. I hope they get it fixed for the NFL games tomorrow.
Things are back to normal as of this AM. Maybe normal is the wrong word. All is good at this time.
The CW network, channel 21 isn't being broadcast in HD, so why do they list it as HD? That was as of tonight while I was there but a friend of mine lives in the area.
Once again these problems continue. Today it's FOX again. No sound no picture on my three H21-200s and picture and no sound on my five H20-100s. I know it's not just me seeing this as I have had friends in the area calling me asking me what's going on.

Also I can confirm CW comes in at 480i rather than 1080i.
As another day goes by. The situation remains the same here.

I am having the same issues you are, all 4 of my recievers have started having the issue you are having since about the beginning of october. I actually had a tech come and re align my dish but of course that wasnt the issue. I cant think of anything that would fix this, i know its not my dish alignment because im pretty sure a tree didnt just sprout infront of my dish. Any suggestions?

BTW this is effecting ALL of my HD channels, of course ALL SD Channels work fine.
Kirkblitz, the only thing I can fiqure is that there is some kind of issue with the spot beams. We are not the only DMA seeing these problems. If you read reports from other markets you will see many of the same issues reported. I read a post last night from NY. The same thng was happening there on Fox5 channel 5 (spot beam) Everything was fine on Channel 88 ( mpeg 2 conus) and channel 398 (mpeg4 conus) As far as the issue with CW goes. I think someone may be asleep at the switch. What really has me scratching my head is the way different model receivers show symptoms. H20s both 100s and 600s have picture and no sound, while H21s have no sound and no picture. A reset of the H21s will result in sound with no picture. But sound is lost again after changing channels. I can pick up Fox OTA so it's not that big a deal for me. It's just a pain in the ass. I'm sure in time they will get the bugs worked out. But in the meantime it's best to post the issues here and hope someone at D reads about them.
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Of course, right after the last post a quick check of Fox and it's working again. Who knows for how long this time. But it's working now and that's what counts. CW is still 480i though.
I ask the station manager and engineer at WWMB - 21 if they knew why CW wasn't in HD, and they said would check into it. They didn't realize it so I guess they hadn't check a directv setup.

But anyway they didn't know why but I could tell they thought it was in HD. So they told me they were looking into it and see what the reason is. I've talk to WWMB before about OTA HD and they usually will answer. Of course WPDE is who runs it. I assume its Directv trying to save bandwidth or something. But they claim HD so it should be.
Locals cutting in and out ALL day. Non local hd's dont work :mad:
kirkblitz said:
Locals cutting in and out ALL day. Non local hd's dont work :mad:
See my response to your post at AVS
Here we go again ! Since the pre-game show on Fox we have had a pic of AR 3x4 with the audio being out of sync. In fact even the video was off a bit. As the crawl during the show was without a doubt stutering. The video was no fault of D's, as it was the same OTA. At some point, the local station must have switched . It now is in HD. However, we are back to the Charlie Chaplin effect (my new name for it )via D.
NOTE; OTA does not show this, and neither do the commercials on D.
As of about 10 AM yesterday the problem with Fox seems to have been fixed again. Now it's gone back over to CBS. I don't know when it began, but I noticed it at about 11PM last night. A quick check this morning and the problems are still there. This time I have no sound or picture on the H21s and a staggering picture and out on sync audio on the H10s. Also as of last check yesterday afternoon CW is still 480i
While the picture on CBS has gotten better, the audio is quite a bit ahead of it. In the meantime Fox is back to no sound no picture on H21s, and picture and no sound on H20s
I had directv come and completely rewire my home and replace all the splitters and diplexers etc.

All channels work now.
kirkblitz said:
I had directv come and completely rewire my home and replace all the splitters and diplexers etc.

All channels work now.
Congrats !!!
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